Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is for all Man out there..

Just to make it clear to all men out there ...

To be single, doesn’t mean am available ..
To be single, doesn’t mean am desperate and dyeing to get a man...
To be single , doesn’t mean am lesbian and not into man...
To be single, doesn’t man that am complicated and no man can get me...

to be single is that i love my life and i love my self .. and i have more important things in life than being with a man , or maybe i didnt find Mr. Right and am not looking right now , because i have my friends and family who i rather give love to and i have my education and career that i would give my time to , to be single is a choice not a fact.

So to all my sexy ladies out there ... enjoy your life , enjoy people around you ... and always remember you come first .. and its your choice at the end Xoxox

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Officially 24 ... 6 more years to hit 30 :)

Today am celebrating one of my most important day of my life ..... my birthday .. the day i was born .. not only thats its my birthday am also turning 24 ... its not the i feel am getting older its that you see life in anther angle .. i have 6 years to hit 30 .. and i have soooooo many things i wanna do before hitting 30 .. but as a young gorgeous hoottt sexiii 24 mama .. am officially saying this .. am proud of the 24 years that i have been living it in this earth .. proud of my achievements.. proud of who i am right know .. with the education level i reached now and will reach .. career and work ... people am surrounding.. culture and stories that i have experienced.. family that i have and will never trade for anything and most important .. health ... and faith that i have to God ..may this be a start for more success and new page for me to reach to what i wanna do before even hitting 30s ... wooohoooo am OFFICIALLY 24... thanking every one who were there for me and who believed in me .. haters and lovers .. if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be the Azza i am today... sorry to who ever i have hurt or disrespect .. big shoot to all of you .. you rock my world .. Thank you :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My First big MC event ...13 April 2009 - Atlantis.

the only word i can say that describes what i felt that day was Woooow... they were around 300 guests or more in that ballroom and Eissa Al Ali and I were the two located speakers for the event , Eisa - arabic preseter , Azza - english presenter , did many presentations and did many MCing before , but this had ather taste .. as it was calling feminist action or change . Arabyana, the first female horse - riding team in the UAE , it was the premier screening of thier first documentary called (Our Right to Ride) all about feminism and was so proud to be part of it .. thanks to the amazing hanan el muhairi.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Me, My Self , and I...

24th of July, the day I was born tell today I had so many thoughts and ideas and dreams and ways of seeing life, I would always come up with new things I want to do and be in life , from music teacher to drummer to house wife to TV presenter to a cook then biker then singer then environmental scientists and lawyer , one thing is that I always believed that I could be anything I want although I had bad voice and don't know anything about music , don't really understands how environment works and was missing lot of things but always when ever I had one of my career flings , I always believed that I could be it tell I move to my other fling..lool , i was always independent , strong and stubborn and my parents sow some thing that this girl is going to add to the family, poor them if they just knew , they would defiantly re-think of getting me out in this world... lool one word ( Not - Typical).

I don't want my blog to be this typical khaleeji girls dairy or stories of there life style , am trying to show people things that I have been through and how i always try to F.O.B. ( Fall on Back ) when facing a problem or how to see life.

My blog stands for.. The (Always-fall-On-her- Back) independent Khaleejiya.. am a khaleeji girl with so many stories and experience and my own life drama called knowledge lool to tell that will motivate others, and help woman to always fall on there back not on there face, and how to always believe in them self no matter what , coz the Basic No.1 lesson : you don't want to fall facing the grown , you want to fall facing the sky its easier for you to get up and move on and learn and get over then falling back words , yes I am 23 but i always face life with my head up in the sky .. so to all my girls hope you "AFOHB" and "NFOUF" never fall on your face ,and always face every thing with your head up in the sky .. coz you're a woman and you know as every one does .. without us life has no meaning and taste ( defiantly babes) .. always remember you're the prettiest and sexiest and cleverest in your one way never wait for any one to say that to you always keep that in your mind ( Am Unique in my own way) ..