Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is for all Man out there..

Just to make it clear to all men out there ...

To be single, doesn’t mean am available ..
To be single, doesn’t mean am desperate and dyeing to get a man...
To be single , doesn’t mean am lesbian and not into man...
To be single, doesn’t man that am complicated and no man can get me...

to be single is that i love my life and i love my self .. and i have more important things in life than being with a man , or maybe i didnt find Mr. Right and am not looking right now , because i have my friends and family who i rather give love to and i have my education and career that i would give my time to , to be single is a choice not a fact.

So to all my sexy ladies out there ... enjoy your life , enjoy people around you ... and always remember you come first .. and its your choice at the end Xoxox


  1. 100% agreed. There's a huge misconception in the arab world about women who choose to follow their career paths instead of "settling down" and starting a family - and they always pin it as a problem with the girl herself. If a man delayed marriage in order to pursue his career, it would be seen as entirely normal. It's frustrating.

    There's a flaw in the feminist argument though - if there is more to life than being with a man, shouldn't "sexy" be irrelevant?


    1. thank you dear .. sorry took me so late to reply just got back :) I totally agree with your comment but girls are changing now a days hopefully to a better bath :)

  2. well said! I totally agree with you ;)

    xx fatima

  3. thanks fatima love sorry for the late reply was away from blogging xxxx