Saturday, July 24, 2010

Officially 24 ... 6 more years to hit 30 :)

Today am celebrating one of my most important day of my life ..... my birthday .. the day i was born .. not only thats its my birthday am also turning 24 ... its not the i feel am getting older its that you see life in anther angle .. i have 6 years to hit 30 .. and i have soooooo many things i wanna do before hitting 30 .. but as a young gorgeous hoottt sexiii 24 mama .. am officially saying this .. am proud of the 24 years that i have been living it in this earth .. proud of my achievements.. proud of who i am right know .. with the education level i reached now and will reach .. career and work ... people am surrounding.. culture and stories that i have experienced.. family that i have and will never trade for anything and most important .. health ... and faith that i have to God ..may this be a start for more success and new page for me to reach to what i wanna do before even hitting 30s ... wooohoooo am OFFICIALLY 24... thanking every one who were there for me and who believed in me .. haters and lovers .. if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be the Azza i am today... sorry to who ever i have hurt or disrespect .. big shoot to all of you .. you rock my world .. Thank you :)

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