Monday, May 14, 2012

First Girl to do .........

Proud 2 be the first Omani &5aleji to MC & open for the International Boxing Championship in a ring and in a Abaya & Sheela

So am proud to say this is one of my biggest events ever … being the first Khalidji to MC in a kick boxing event and in the Ring J

Yes yes had to cross the robes into the ring with my heels and abaya hahah was awesome see their  is a start for everything

But was amazing and felt good was around 1500 people and it was in the Irish Village in Dubai for the International Boxing Championship.

below is the only 2 pix i had :( the agency didnt send me the rest of the pix yet


  1. THAT MUST HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY EXHILARATING!!! you are brave I would have had stage fright and froze dead in my place!

  2. haha girl you never know till you try and guess what being on stage to me is the best feeling ever and if i can do it then you can and any one can .. thanks doll xx