Monday, May 28, 2012

Tedx Abu Dhabi 2012

Heyy alll ...

OMG last weekend was so crazy running between work and Tedx rehearsal and Tedx event itself was crazy but amazing....

26 of May 2012 Saturday was the first Tedx Abu Dhabi and guess what I was the host of the event OMG to me this is a big thing I was so glad to be part of the incredible team and to be part of this amazing event we had  inspiring speakers and performances I was just so happy to be part of it , yes I had to take a day off from work to do that , yes I couldn’t feel my leg from standing all day with heels , yes I hadn’t have the chance to see my family for 2 days or enjoy my weekend as I normally work on a weekend and took it off for work but you know what it was all worth it when a Emirati gentleman came to me and told me " am so proud to see an emaraty lady like you who can present and speak and do whatever you did today , you will become something in the future" and honestly in that moment all the pain and tiredness went away and I was the happiest person alive :) Alhamdulilah

sorry for the bad quality of the pix will be adding better ones soon and the video will post it as soon as it’s on xoxo


  1. I am so proud of you too Azza, so lucky to have a friend like you. Babe your amazing don't let ANYTHING get you down! I am dying to see a video of you doing your magic @ TEDxAD love you lots bbe, you have my best wishes and prayers xxx Lubna

  2. lubnaaaaa thanks love am happy to have u lov uve been there for me always fdateeej ... will post it as soon as its out mwaaa