Sunday, May 13, 2012

Its feels good to be back

Its feels good to be back

OMG 3 years a lot of this changed, reading my old posts makes me want to cry I swear a lot of this happened since 2010, lot of crazy MC event that I will be posting about , and news , friends, travailing, and drama drama

Main thing is finally after almost 4 years I left the banking industry and Human resource to a really different side HOSPITALITY hahaha J

So I’ve been allocated in the lovely Monte Carlo Beach Club in Saadiyat Abu Dhabi which is the only place after Monaco to have this amazing beach club and am the Ambassador which am proud and honored about it , left the bank but left a legacy behind me Alhamduilah where everyone said It’s a lost J and that what I really wanted it’s a new page a new start and a new experience where am ready to take it J

Will be posting more soon xoxo

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